15 September 2013

Global Media Campaign

This year Sankalpa has become a part of the Global Network of Women Peace-builder launched, "Women speak out for peace; A Global Media Campaign on the 2013 International Peace Day". It is a week-long global media campaign to highlight women's role as a peace-builder and agent of change; and to demand greater accountability to the Women, Peace and Security (WSP) resolutions. The campaign will take place during the week preceding International Day of Peace, starting 16th September and continuing till 21st September 2013.

Objective of the campaign:

The specific objectives of this initiative are:

• To raise extensive awareness and knowledge of UNSCR 1325, 1820 and other supporting WPS resolutions; and of their practical application at the country and community levels
• To demand greater accountability from government, the UN, regional organizations and fellow civil society actors to honor their obligations under the WPS resolutions including but not limited to the development and implementation of National Action Plan
• To transform the depiction of women in conflict setting from victim to peace-builder, decision-maker and change agents

How to participate:

1. Send letters to the editor of newspapers and magazine-Sample letter given
2. Write a blog and publish it in your organization's websites that you think have a good following
3. Sent at least five tweets or five Facebook or five Tumblr posts and /or five text/SMS messages. For twitter updates, please use the hastags: #PeaceDay, #WPS, #VAW
4. Speak on the radio and television. Reach out to radio and television broadcasters and request that they interview you or give you space on their programs

The Theme:

The theme of this campaign is "Education for Peace", theme set by UN for this year's International Day of Peace, participants should target this theme in the media articles, letters to editors, blogs and tweet, radio and TV message that will produce and distribute on 21st September 2013. To ensure that the message of peace education is relevant to each country, the theme should be contextualized and integrated with sensitization on national laws and policies women and peace and security issues.

Sankalpa's initiatives:

1. Blog/Facebook/Twitter posts:

Sankalpa has designed its new blog "Hamro Awaaz; our voice" the objective of this blog is to bring together voice, opinion and experience of different individuals in support of women issues. Also to connect women from community level to national level and also international level and vise-versa. The blog can be used for sharing experience, case studies, update on various programs held, and also discussion on different issues related to women. Since it is an informal platform and very youth friendly we can expect views from young women and men on the current raising issues related to women's rights. With this global campaign we will be launching our blog and posting minimum five posts in our twitter and Facebook with the theme " Education for peace"

2. Radio Program:
Sankalpa already has a Radio program "Hamro Sankalpa", running since Jan 2013 with Radio Sagarmatha and CIN (Community Information Network) network, which covers all 75 districts. it is a radio magazine raising the issue of women representation and participation. it includes Jingle, song-piece, bridge-tone, vox-pop, news feature, interview, group discussion, community interaction and talk program which involves women from different community and villages of Nepal, their voices and say on contemporary national issues in relation to women. Sankalapa is also launching a Public Service Announcement (PSA) on voter's education and also women's participation and representation in the upcoming elections.

3. Gender Cards:
Sankalpa has started the Gender Card campaign, where different individual writes an issue he/she cares about that unfairly affects the lives of Nepali women. This campaign is inspired by the "Get Up!; Action for Australia Campaign". We have already collected some Gender cards from our field, which we will be using at our blogs and Facebook Page to raise awareness and stir some interesting discussions around the topic.

For the Global Media Campaign we shall collect gender cards on the theme transform the depiction of women in conflict setting from victim to peace-builder, decision-maker and change agents. Sankalpa's member organization have worked on post-conflict and Internal Displaced People (IDPs) so we will collaborate with them to produce some life changing experience sharing through the medium of gender card.

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