25 September 2013

Press Release

Date: 23th September 2013
Press Release
Sankalpa organized a Strategic Planning Meeting with Inter Party Women’s Alliance (IPWA) members and Sankalpa on 18th September 2013 at Godawari Village Resort. The meeting was organized to develop a strategy for effective coordination and joint action plan between IPWA, Sankalpa and other networks for ensuring maximum Women’s participation and representation in upcoming Election of Constituent Assembly, to identify the essential support to IPWA for maximum participation of women candidate in the upcoming election and to develop advocacy strategy for policy reform where eighteen representatives from IPWA and Sankalpa participated in the meeting in this regard. Long-term and short-term strategies were identified during the planning meeting.
Short-term and immediate strategic targeting the upcoming election are: support and help promote women as a candidate in the upcoming election, voters education, lobby for safety and secure election especially for women candidate, fund raising, post election capacity building for elected women candidates. And the Long term strategies are: long term and consistent collaboration between IPWA and Sankalpa, Joint campaign and advocacy for women participation and representation in all state level mechanism. The long term strategy is focused mostly to increase women's representation and participation in all state-level mechanism.
Meeting also discussed on possible areas where Sankalpa can play positive roles in ensuring and increasing women’s participation and representation in the upcoming elections. The identified possible areas are candidacy, constituency, election campaign, safety and security, resource mobilization, quick poll survey on public demand on the qualities of a good leader, capacity building for women candidate on public speaking and other useful tips for leadership quality, fund raising, common forum for interaction between the voters and candidate, mobilization of civil society organization and network jointly with women leaders to lobby for women representation and participation.

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